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Industry briefings

Essentials on markets, technologies, and trends in the power-to-x industry.

Project reports

Pioneering e-fuel projects in the hydrogen economy.

Competitive landscapes

Who is who in the hydrogen and wider e-fuel/ power-to-x industry.

Heat maps

Hotspots for green hydrogen, e-methane, e-methanol, and green ammonia.


Key data on global energy storage, power-to-x projects, green technology firms.

Tailored studies

Empirical and exclusive research focused on your key questions.

Clean-tech Providers

2021 Global H2 Landscape

101 clean-tech firms, categorized into five segments of the clean hydrogen value chain.

2021 Global Hydrogen Landscape - clean-tech providers
Global Top-20 Projects Study

Hydrogen Pioneers 2021

Our Hydrogen Pioneers 2021 study provides real-time transparency on the top-20 green hydrogen projects as they develop.

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